IT Audit Training

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AuditSAP enables auditors to automate audit tools, working paper documentations, and audit techniques to achieve better productivity in the workplace. Through our AuditSAP IT Audit Traning Center, we provide the auditors to choose from our list of IT and IT Audit related training programs that will enhance their capability.


Training is a passion for most of the people within AuditSAP. We offer one-day training courses as well as full-blown programs in different areas including SAP Audit and Controls, GRC, and Audit Automation tools and technology. AuditSAP offers career changing programs in the fields mentioned below to allow aspiring professionals and new graduates to pursue a career in SAP, Audit or IT in general. 

Our desire to help people to pursue a career in Auditing and Information Technology, led us to develop training programs that fit the objectives of young professionals who want to be in these areas of expertise.

Governance Risk and Compliance

•SAP Authorization Concepts
•SAP Security
•Access Controls - AC 10
 •Process Controls - PC 10​

Audit and Controls

•A Beginner's Course in IT Audit
•Continuous Auditing
•Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
•SAP Basis Review 
•SAP OTC (Order to Cash) Review
•SAP PTP (Procure to Pay) Review

Audit Tools and Technology

•Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (CAATs)
•Audit Management Systems (Automated Working Papers)
•Audit Queries
•SAP Queries​