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•AuditSAP trains OCLP Internal Audit to write scripts for SAP​

AuditSAP trains OCLP internal audit team to write scripst for SAP using a SQL based tool. The team is now capable of identify, download, and utilize the right SAP tables to query. It is also now capable of writing simple queries that matter for internal audit. Very soon, a lot of the analyses to be perform by internal audit would be carried out using SQL script.

•AuditSAP assists Ortigas & Co. LP in audit of its SAP system

Ortigas & Co. LP commisions the services of AuditSAP to perform the review of its SAP system. The review started with an audit of SAP Security and other BASIS related processes. This review will soon be followed with a review of revenue cycle then a review of expenditure cycle.

•AuditSAP opens branch in Canada

The company opens it's very first international operations out of Toronto Canada. This operation provides the link to international market that requires outsourcing services that are better provided by lower cost consultants found in the Philippines.

•AuditSAP joins SAP Data Services Bandwagon

Capitalizing on its knowledge and capability in SAP Query, ABAP and SAP Tables, AuditSAP started training its present pool of SAP Consultants to retool themselves with the intent of serving reporting needs of clients with more discriminating tastes. 

AuditSAP developed a methodology that utilizes native SAP facilities like SAP Query and ABAP to migrate SAP Tables to SAP Data Services, allowing clients to have the power to create their own reports with the aid of SAP Analytics and SAP Business Intelligence facility.

•AuditSAP writes SAP SOD Tool for MERALCO

AuditSAP develops the tool that enables MERALCO internal audit team to automate the review and analysis of users and roles within the company's SAP environment. The tool also automates the review of SAP security parameters as well as in identifying users with powerful and sensitive access to the system.

•AuditSAP signs agreement with ACL Asia

AuditSAP signs deal with ACL Asia as a reseller and provider of ACL technology in Asia Pacific.

ACL has moved forward from being an Audit Analytics Solution to become a complete GRC-Audit Management Solution. AuditSAP on the other hand has created the knowledge for ACL in the area of Access Controls and Security for SAP and Oracle by providing companies with the ability to perform continuous controls monitoring and continuous auditing in these environments. 

Please visit our ACL page for more information

•AuditSAP develops ABAP based Internal Audit tool for Petron Corporation

AuditSAP completed the development and implementation of Access Control and Process Control queries for internal audit. The tool was written in SAPQuery and was composed of over 300 queries to be utilized by Internal Audit in it's assessment of the company's SAP environment.


AuditSAP Partner Crisnick Lorenzo recently completed development and conduct of ApprovaOne Training for United Laboratories, Inc. (UNILAB). After the training, Unilab's Corporate Risk Management Group, headed by VP Marnee Rosales, walked away with all the skills required to fully utilize as well as maintain the Company's ApprovaOne GRC environment.

•AuditSAP Team Trains in SAP Security

Security Training for junior members of the AuditSAP Team. The program was conducted to start an on-going series of SAP Security capability enhancement aimed at increasing the capacity of AuditSAP to address the growing requirements for SAP Security projects locally and abroad.

•AuditSAP offers OJT positions for aspiring IT professionals

Three (3) graduating IT students have now been accepted to training on-the-job with their AuditSAP mentors. The candidates require from 400 to 500 hours of real job experience to satisfy their graduation requirements. 

AuditSAP takes responsibility to be part of community development and training aspiring IT professionals is AuditSAP's way of reaching out and helping to develop good quality professionals. 

Our OJT's get real world experience in ABAP, SAP Security, C#, Visual Studio just to name a few examples.

How can AuditSAP help you?​

AuditSAP provides Data Analytics Solutions for SAP, MSSQL, Legacy Systems, etc.

Access Controls Solution

Process Controls Solution

Configuration Monitoring

Formal Training, OJT/Handholding, Continued Training Support

Consulting Services

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