Application Controls Review

​  Designed to assess the completeness, accuracy and validity of data from individual processes or application systems in use. ​

  • Application controls affect the accuracy and integrity of a specific application

  • Does the application perform the function as designed?

  • Are appropriate controls built into the application?

  • Are the controls that are programmed into the application effective and efficient?

  • Is the application adequately documented for maintenance and future enhancement?

  • Some controls are generic in nature; many applications may use the same exact controls.

  • Some controls are specific to the business rules of the application.

  • Information Processing Objectives:

    • Ensure that authorized transactions are recorded in a complete and accurate manner (Completeness and Accuracy)

    • Only authorized economic events that actually occurred and relate to the organization are recorded (Validity)

    • Ensure that data is protected from unauthorized amendment once recorded (Restricted Access)