Smart Solutions

A collection of browser-based solutions
to help you automate your audit, compliance,
and industry-specific processes.​

Audit and Compliance Solutions


A browser-based electronic collaboration and documentation solution for External Audit.


A browser-based electronic collaboration and documentation solution for Internal Audit.


​ DPSmart stands for Data Privacy Smart. Our solution helps you prepare and monitor your Data Privacy Compliance activities. ​


An online platform that helps you prepare, document, and monitor your client's compliance to SOC2 standards.

Industry Solutions


AccountSmart is an automated bookkeeping solution that simplifies workflow processes from invoicing customers, receiving bills from vendors, lump sum or multiple registration of payments, automatic posting of transactions, generation of updated reports, monitoring of journals through a dynamic dashboard, and more.


CoopSmart is a smart solution for cooperatives that lets you automate your processes from membership application, loan application and releasing, monitoring and registration of payments, record keeping of savings account transac​tions, generation of financial and management reports, and more.


LoanSmart lets you automate you loan processes from creation of customer records, application and releasing of loans, monitoring and registration of payments up to generation of financial and management reports.


HealthSmart is about keeping the patient records in an organized and orderly manner including Patient medical history, In-patient Hospitalization, Discharge, and Billing details


DOCSmart is a browser-based electronic collaboration and documentation solution for Document Management that allows the users to perform document reviews online, sign-off documents electronically, and get automatic email alerts as it is a truly paperless, well-organized, and standardized documentation solution.